Friday, March 07, 2008

Total Recall

I guess that mass e-mails from the central office, as all have the mistakes in them, have become so numerous that the new method to make corrections is that a form e-mail is sent informing us that “[The subject line of the problem plagued e-mail] is Recalled.” There’s never an explanation as to why. We’re just supposed to forget all about it, even though it sits in our inboxes.

Well, condolence e-mails from the district fall under the category of goes to everyone. On a regular basis we are informed of the passing of a school district employee. Shoot, they don’t even have to be an employee. It can be a family member of the employee. Shoot, that employee may have not worked in the district within the last decade, but we are informed about it. They sure do clog up my e-mail, which is strange because they’re always on top of us about making sure we keep our virtual space usage at a minimum. But I guess it’s comforting to know that when I pass, at the very least people who have no idea who I am will remember me.

Anyway, apparently this one speech therapist’s aunt died. At least I think. Minutes after the sad news was sent a “Condolences to Cathy X is Recalled” followed.

What happened? Did she rise from the dead? Did the governor grant her a stay at the last second? Did somebody remember that Cathy is quite a bitch and she ain’t gettin’ no condolences from nobody?!

I certainly have no idea; she retired 1999. I think.

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