Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sew Some Wild Oaths

Today’s the first day of state testing, and I noticed that this year’s tests begin with the students signing an honesty oath. Basically, they sign that they won’t cheat, and if they do then their tests may be negated.

What is that going to do? Who came up with that? The same people who told us to get under your desk if an A-bomb hits? I didn’t realize that promising was the kryptonite of liars and cheats. As a matter of fact I thought breaking them was a defining characteristic. Laws and rules are for honest people.

Speaking of, I’m not too sure that that paper is binding, seeing how a minor has signed it. You may think I’m being too legal eagle on this, but stop and think. Raise your hand if you could definitely see one of your parents challenging this whole thing, if their spawn were caught in the act.

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