Monday, February 25, 2008

Staff Infection

It’s funny how I see something of our students in ourselves. It is usually during faculty meeting that it becomes most obvious.

My kids will go nuts if my overhead is out of focus for one second, and teachers are no different with Power Points. We all know that ten times out of, well, ten that a Power Point will have hiccups—slides not advancing, slides being skipped, the dreaded hourglass. And just as sure that that’s going to happen, yahoos in the audience will start shouting out unsolicited tech support.
F7? F12!
Back Button! Go forward!
Escape! Escape! Wiggle the wire! That’s the sound!

The whole thing sounds like an attack scene from The Birds.
It’s working. Wait! Nope.
I find myself actually covering my ears.

“Here’s an idea; why don’t we all shout at once! That fixes everything!”

The heads in the auditorium turn without making a peep towards the back. They all see what I see. Sage, newspaper clinched in hand, staring at the floor only moments later to start reading again. The Power Point begins working; thus, breaking the awkward air for everyone.

I guess every teacher has a limit. I just thought I would never see Sage’s. I’ve got to give him credit though. He did get things back on track.

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