Friday, February 08, 2008

How Sweet

There’s a lady who serves as a parent/teacher liaison here. What that means I’m not too sure. I do know that every grading period or so she serves food at our staff developments and that she has a school e-mail account.

Speaking of those two things, I think she inadvertently sent an e-mail about one of those feeding functions to the entire staff that was only meant to go out to parents. I say this because in it she invited parents to bring any dish they desired because “these teachers will eat anything.”

That’s not necessarily accurate. We’re not dogs. We won’t eat anything.

Then again, maybe we are like dogs because they’re limited on what they can get their paws on too. Just because at the October meeting my plate was filled cupcakes topped with candy corns, cookies with candy corns and something called candy corn balls doesn’t mean that I love candy corns. There was nothing freakin’ else! You’re a coordinator. How about coordinating a vegetable tray?!

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