Thursday, January 31, 2008

Migraine Rubbing Everyday

The pickleball paddle theft is starting to make more sense. Hammer sent out an e-mail informing us that there is a fast growing sub-culture in our school called Ass Slap Friday.

Do I really need to explain what this is, class? Okay here, complete the following:

On _____day, students _____ each other’s _____.

Good Lord, these kids are bored. Idle hands, right?

Anyway, Hammer is confident that this will pass. When?! When there’s only one student left standing? When Punch in the Junk Tuesday starts to build steam?

Oh and get this, she suggests that we keep a sharp eye out for slapping.

Great, now I’ve got to pay particular attention to the kids’ asses. I see lawyering up in my future.

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