Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fats Domi-Oh-No

What is it with Hammer and singing? Before, she was doing her thing at the assembly. Now, she’s singing Fats Domino’s I’m Walkin’ between classes because kids are running in the halls and plans to do so until they modify their behavior. Is she trying to reach her inner American Idol? How does she think the students are going to react?

"Oh please, oh please stop singing Ms. Hammer. We'll be good. We promise. Just stop making an ass of yourself. It embarrasses us so much that we realize the error of our ways."

I don't think so. This isn't Saved by the Bell, where lessons are learned with harebrained schemes and catch phrases in twenty-two minutes. First, if you don’t want kids running in the halls, then don’t build mega-schools with three floors and give them six minutes to get across the thing.

Second, if you want to decrease school violence, then don’t go warbling on the PA multiple times, daily because that will certainly make me take a podium to someone’s noggin’.

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