Friday, December 21, 2007

Ho, Ho, Hum

Immediately after the last test this morning, I’ve got to get the tests graded and get the results into the system before attending the holiday festivities. For those not familiar with this occupation that’s typically a window of about 45 minutes.

We’ve got 10 professional development days a year. Couldn’t we spare one here? Say, I don’t know, start finals a day early so we can have an entire day to grade instead off running around like jack-a-ninnies to where we work up a sweat just to get to the cafeteria in time for piping hot wassail and the traditional singing of a school themed "The Twelve Days of Christmas" that Pecan leads.

Forget wanting peace on Earth. I’ll settle for peace in my brain. In the meantime, you guys have a great break.

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