Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Spray for me.

Earlier I talked about how some of my kids can get busted for not washing their hands when they go to the restroom. Believe it or not, they may have a legitimate excuse. With the staff bathroom occupied, I had to use the students’ restroom. Well, along with the renovations of the school, “environmentally friendly” faucets were put in. They shoot out this needle-fine spray for two seconds at a time. It takes you five freakin' minutes to get your hands wet, let alone suds them. That is, if there is soap.

How much money are they saving on water versus the amount they are losing on absent kids who have nasty infectious diseases? Of course, if you give them the ability to clean their hands that doesn’t mean anything. You can lead a teenager to water, but you can’t make them wash.

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