Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hall’s Angels

We now have 25 floaters at this school. I envision a near future where inexplicably there will be more floaters than there are classrooms. Once again, bless those teachers who do that. The last thing a teacher needs these days is the additional obstacle of shifting from room to room. My one fear is that the floaters will form some sort of gang, like a cart gang. It would be like a motorcycle gang, but their choppers are their carts. Think about it—transients whose situation is such because of the system, thus causing disillusionment and therefore, resentment.

I can’t help but imagine a scene out of one of those 1950’s movies. I’ll be walking down the hall when three rough looking characters dressed in black pushing their carts come up from behind and start going in a circle around me. They’ll be whooping and hollering, while I stand there, frozen by panic as they barely miss me.

I’d be much better off imagining the films of the 1940’s, like those lavish musicals. The carts would be all dressed up and making choreographed figure eights, while the teachers had smiles painted on their face.

Like I said before, I envision floating becoming more mainstream. If it does, then maybe it is a lot like motorcycling. Who knows, ten years from now, I may be a weekend enthusiast, taking my cart out to Starbucks.

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