Friday, November 16, 2007

The Trivial Counsel

Man, I’ve been hating on the counselors lately, but it’s not like they haven’t given me reason not to. A lot of times they can come off as pompous.

Take this morning, for example. A couple of counselors informed us via e-mail that they would be out for the day and that all emergencies should be directed to the assistant principals.

Thanks, hierarchy impaired--because before I was bringing all emergencies to your attention.

Now I know she was referring to counseling emergencies, but what the hell are those?

The flyers for College Night are in goldenrod, instead of salmon?

Keys are missing from the Coke vault?

Jack-a-ninny e-mails not being sent out?

As you can tell I need this holiday break that's coming. I'm getting a bit tense.

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