Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Specialist Education

Like I’ve said in the past, there are a number of people at this school who I don’t even know. Take today, for example. We got an e-mail instructing us to excuse those students of bus 402 for being tardy because that bus was late.

Again, I couldn’t pick the sender of the e-mail out of a crowd of one, but I’ll never forget her title—Attendance Specialist.

Come on now, Attendance Specialist? I’m not denying that her job is complex or difficult, but specialist? Aren’t we throwing that word around a bit? What am I saying? That title has been thrown around a lot—your bug specialist, your muffler specialist, your lawn care specialist. Of course her sending an e-mail telling us about the bus is an improvement from a previous method, so maybe she does deserve some props.

What’s wrong with Coordinator? Wasn't that the old title or was that so last decade? Has that buzz word lost its BZzzz?

Maybe I’m just jealous because I don’t have a fancy title. I’m just a teacher. I tell you this though--if I did, then it wouldn’t be hollow. I would let the world know the areas we truly specialize in.

Your ink covering the side of your hand specialist
Your getting dressed in 5 minutes, so you can have 5 hours of sleep specialist
Your grading while taking the garbage out specialist.

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