Friday, November 09, 2007

You better spell check yourself, before you spell wreck yourself.

With a week left in the grading period, I sent out notices to parents of those whose kids were on the outside, looking in on passing. One parent was enraged. Was it because she was just so disappointed by the simple fact that her boy did not turn in one daily assignment, even though he promised her he would after I called home three weeks ago?


She was fed up with the fact that I had misspelled his name in the letter home.

“He spells it with a ‘y’ and not an ‘ey’ okay? It’s done that way so as to be special. Please recognize that.”

How do you respond to that? Do you go with the more subtle, “Forgive me. I will double check the spelling of his name on future letters home informing you that your son is failing”? Or do you go with a blunt, “Well he may not have an ‘e’, but he sure does have an ‘F’!”

Decisions, decisions…

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