Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What’s all the Commode-tion

I often get e-mails asking me whether my stories are true or not, which is fine. There’s no need to do so this time though because I am telling right now this one is. I apologize if it seems fabricated because I don’t know all the details, but I couldn’t wait share.

A student, a female, went into the faculty restroom—through the ceiling. A teacher was in a stall of all places, when the student came crashing down on her. Can you believe that? I couldn’t, but a spastic student teacher came running into my room to share the news.

My very first thought was, “What is this? Porky’s?” I’m serious. What’s with teenagers hijinksing it up in the school’s facilities? Talk about life imitating art.

Oh, and get this; two other kids popped their heads out of the hole that was created in the ceiling. Why were they up there? Did we run out portable buildings, and we're now stowing them in our overhead bins? Warning, items may have shifted during flight! Though I shouldn’t be so surprised. ‘Member?

Just when you thought this job couldn’t invade your life anymore, right? You spend all that time grading. You never leave school while the sun is up. Work even creeps into your dreams. The crapper was really the last safe place for us—like a porcelain-lined panic room. Oh well...

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