Thursday, October 25, 2007

How’s about I raise my middle finger?

Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Wasn’t I just talking about teachers pandering for money via a second job? Well a new low has been reached!

This morning we got an email from our counseling office that announced they were having a fundraiser--a fundraiser that involved selling Chick-Fil-A wall calendars, which contain over $50 worth of “tasty” savings inside. It’s not a fund raiser to cure Spina Bifada or anything, but for their “general fund.”

Why in the hell would I keep the counseling office’s petty cash flowing? And I’m not just offended because they almost got me killed once. No, I’m pissed because just when you thought there was no other way to be harassed in this job—BOOM! This insanity comes along.

Pay for your own crap. I do. How else could I do this job? The teachers have an unrealistic paper budget, which leaves us me with some creative recycling (remind me to tell you about how I incorporated the back of used envelopes one day). And I get 100 Scantrons a year. Hello? I have 181 students!

And if the counselors can’t figure out what to do, then here’s an idea to start out with—-cut back on delivering a birthday pack that consists of a candy bar, rub-on tattoos, and a helium filled balloon in the middle of class, while I'm trying to teach, to the birthday boys and girls.

Actually, that shouldn’t be done for a number of reasons.

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