Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Getting Cart-ed

A new policy has been put in place, which is great because new policies created after the school year has started always work. Wait a second…

This new plan involves what is called a dress code cart. Before morning duty the teacher is supposed to pick up a cart from the office that holds neon colored long sleeve shirts, these suspender like thingies and these loud Hammer pants (that’s redundant). All of this merchandise was purchase by the school, so that during morning duty, we teachers, can identify dress code violators and adorn them with the, ahem, appropriate replacement clothing.

A couple things:

First, am I to understand that I am now dressing these kids? Shouldn’t that be the parents’ job? Now I really do feel like I’m the major contributor in raising them. I promise you if I’m next given something that’s called an ass wiping cart, then I’m quitting.

Second, this is obviously an idea of someone who doesn’t spend much time with kids. If they did, then they’d realize that high school kids really don’t care what they look like. Things have changed since The Breakfast Club.

Don’t believe me? Then just ask my kid in 2nd period who wears the same kilt everyday. Or, go see the junior in my 5th period who wears his middle school gym uniform top religiously. If you’re still not convinced then approach my 7th period student who actually wears Hammer pants!

And this isn’t a case of the have-nots either because these kids are rockin’ iPods and Jordans.

If anything these kids will be coming up to my cart wanting to buy the stuff. Wait a second…

By the way, time is running out to vote!

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