Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

Do you guys remember when I had that biter? ‘Member? Well, I had a similar encounter yesterday. This time it was while I had taken my kids to the library.

While in there, the librarian and I heard a ruckus. A quick head count to relieve myself with the fact that all my kids were present, then I was off, following the librarian to the back of the library. There we found a student gums deep into a fellow student’s arm. After prying him off, it was time to pry some answers out of the two jack-a-ninnies.

It turned out that he bit his counterpart in retaliation of having his hair pulled. In fairness, though, the hair pulling was only a reaction to be spat on by the eventual biter. But in the biter/spitter’s defense, the hair puller did punch him in the arm.

A retelling of a kick, push and a “fag” later, we learn that biter/spitter/kicker/fag caller had his favorite chair taken away by hair puller/puncher/pusher.

Geez, things sure escalated fast with these two. If we had shown up 20 seconds later, a Molotov cocktail may have been thrown.

I’m going to have to tinker with my syllabus a bit to fit in The Butter Battle Book. Hey it’s Seuss, my kids might actually like it.

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