Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bringing Down the Open House

Boy, was the holiday needed...

There’s no such thing as a stupid question, right? By that I mean there are no stupid questions left because I’ve heard them all. The final one came last Friday at Open House.

I kid you not, all six of my presentations were dominated by questions on one subject—bonus points.

Do you give bonus points?

How many bonus points do you give?

Can bonus points be paid towards tardy forgiveness?

Tardy forgiveness? I’m left wondering where I am. My students are usually the ones who go on and on about bonus points. What’s with the obsession with the most insignificant factor towards their child’s grade? Maybe they should focus on other issues, like due dates, or the tutoring sessions I give—two topics I brought up all night, with zero reaction.

I couldn’t help but to think that these parents might be putting too much emphasis on other trivial things where they should be focusing on the more important. Like retirement, how are these parents planning for it? By playing the lottery?

That would explain why that Stephanie’s mom asked me my birthday, while she was filling out that Power Ball ticket.

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