Thursday, October 04, 2007

Inhaled by the Critics

The teachers got an e-mail from the librarian asking us to keep an eye out for students who look like they have checked-out books. She might as well have asked us to keep an eye out for the Easter Bunny. Knowing my kids that sighting would be more likely than seeing them with books. Shoot, the Easter Bunny making out with the Tooth Fairy would be more likely.

It seems like some students have found a way around the library's book security system and pillaged the 420's of the collection. She hypothesizes that they targeted that portion due to the number's relation to the drug culture.

Hey at least they're not sitting on the shelves, right? Being used is being used, if you ask me. Don't worry librarian; I'm just kidding. At least all your page 420's haven't been torn out like they have in my textbooks. Now the kids will never know the whole story of Twain's influence on regionalism! Somehow I have this feeling that they're fine with that.

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