Thursday, September 20, 2007

Candy Pain

Do you guys remember me talking about that teacher who gives candy as a reward to her students, and in turn, they leave the remains on my floor? Well, she took the open associate principal position that became open during the summer. For the past few weeks she’s been calling down her portion of the alphabet to get to know her new kiddos, which is fine. Being a personable AP is a good thing, but she’s giving them candy, and they’re bringing it back. So, I’m still getting the trash from her little gifts. I tried e-mailing my concerns to her, but I guess the administrator transformation has completed because she has ignored it to this day.

Before, I never followed through with my idea to stick the wrappers in her mailbox because, well, it meant I had to handle them. Now, I've got something different. Whenever she summons a kid from my class, I’ll just have them take my wastebasket with them and drop off the contents at her office. Either she’ll get the hint and stop, or at least I’ll reduce my trash problem.

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