Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Alarm? It’s more like a-lame.

I was waiting until the whole ordeal was over to comment on this, and it looks like today is the day. Before today, the fire alarm has gone off—from day one. Every time, Hammer has gotten on the PA and instructed us to ignore the alarms.

I swear that they’re doing psychological tests on us or something. How does something as important as a device that helps save people from burning alive malfunction all this time without being fixed? Isn’t that important? So that’s why I believe the whole thing is contrived.

I’m already seeing the effects on my students. Every time the alarm goes off the kids start to mimic the sound like it’s a popular song on the radio. You know what I mean—where you hear a song and sing along, half under your breath.

So while the alarm goes WHAN-WHAN-WHAN-WHAN-WHAN…

I’ve got a rag-tag choir of students going Wha, Wha, Wha…

I should be recording my findings. Maybe I could get a grant for further study. Maybe something that involves the strobing of a touch lamp.

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