Monday, September 17, 2007

Minimum Rage

“Some of us have jobs, you know”

That was uttered by one of my students today as I went over the weekend's homework.

As I furrowed my brow, most would assume that I was trying to comprehend what she meant by that. Does she think that I don’t have a job? If I don’t, then what have I been doing all these late nights with the grading, calling home and designing assignments that cause my students to bellow such statements as, “Some of us have jobs, you know”? This can’t be a hobby, or I would have picked something a bit more appealing—like scab collecting.

Have I been doing charity all this time? It could be. I mean charity work is usually the less glamorous kind of stuff, so maybe this is it. I could certainly mistake that check I get as pocket change of a passer by; it seems that small at times. Charity work is also done for good and not for accolades. Lord knows I’m not getting those.

Well, if you were assuming that I was thinking that, then you’d be wrong. I was actually trying to guess what her job was. By the way she was dressed, I would have guessed streetwalker.

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