Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day of the Living Dead

Have you noticed that I haven’t said anything about my Freshmen yet? Last year I was all worried that I wouldn’t be able to relate with them. Now that I’ve got a year under my belt, they’re not so bad. Besides I realized that it is just as tough to relate to Juniors.

Perhaps another contribution to my comfort level is familiarity. I got a kid back, who failed my class last year—good times, good times. Yesterday, he came up to my desk and asked for any work from last year that he turned in.


“’Cause when we have to turn it in, I can just turn it in again.”

“Do you remember what your grade was last year?”


“A 36”

He responded with a blank stare.

“Do you know how one gets a 36?”

The staring continued to the point where I think that he may be a zombie.

“You do it by not turning in assignments.”

Zombie groan.

“And trust me, what you did turn in was given back to you. You adorned it with cannabis, left it on my floor, then I threw it away.”

He turned and shuffled his zombie self away. Hopefully, he was off to eat some brains. Maybe they’ll take.

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