Monday, September 10, 2007

Pros and Cons

I’ve got a kid this year, and he seems to be a repeater—a repeat 11th grader and a repeat offender. When a teacher saw that this kid was on my role sheet, her pupils dilated, and she began to fill me in on his exploits when she had him TWO years ago. It seems that his escapades landed him in jail, and his time served has him returning to school just now.

The only comment that I can make about him at this point is that he doesn’t do his work. Instead, he reads and highlights from his Bible. I’ve got no problem with a religion enthusiast; it’s just I’ve got to give grades, and I haven’t assigned anything remotely close to color an entire page orange, yet alone color an entire page of ‘Job’ in orange.

Anyway, I see that there are two kinds of ex-cons who fervently read the Bible—those who are born again and those who are looking for something cool to carve into their next victims. As long as I keep a fresh supply of highlighters, I should be okay.

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