Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Plastic WARE have you gone?

In the past I've talked about the condition of the teachers’ lounge at the end of the year. It's a disaster, with abandoned Tupperware strewn about and absent of anything to eat with properly. Well, it’s no different at the beginning of the year either.

To alleviate the problem I always go to one of those bulk shopping outlets and buy a crate of plasticware, so that we teachers can eat with some dignity. There are two guarantees when I do this. One, the supply will be gone by October. And two, no one will make a single attempt to replace this shipment when it’s depleted.

Where’s the utensil love?

If you’re going to blow through the things (one time this teacher used a fork to place her food in the microwave, a different fork to take it out of the microwave, and a third to eat with) and it’s time to get some more, then do so. Don't hide your hands in your pockets. Please, I don’t want to be eating my November Hot Pockets with a straighten out paper clip and a protractor.

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