Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Calculus Final

With it being finals week, there was no need for Calculus to come in on the last conference period of the year, but she did anyway. She wanted to thank me for throwing her a bone by having her as my aide and asked if she could do it again her senior year. According to her, she was having a hard time this year with the social climate of school and found her time being an aide as a refuge. She could say what was on her mind and not worry about how it would affect her status at SLHS. She said that I allowed her to think aloud.

See folks, indifference can go a long way. I kid…

Admittedly, I was touched by that. Sure, at times it was awkward , but if I could be there again for her, then I would be happy to oblige.

Cliché Alert: We don’t do this job for the money, after all.

Of course, she did leave a giant DVD collection behind, which leaves me to believe that she only asked to come back so she didn’t have to haul the dang things back home.

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