Monday, May 14, 2007

Senior Pranks? No Thanks!

SLHS suffered another senior prank today. How do I know? Well we’ve had a rash of them, which is common this time of year. Let’s see, there’s been the detergent in the school fountain, the obligatory eggings and dumping the toilet paper rolls into the toilets. And let’s not forget replacing the ketchup and mustard with paint in the condiment pumps in the cafeteria. Plus, today’s vandalizing reeks of those about to complete an “education” at an under funded, over worked institution.

While I was walking up to the building this morning I noticed a message spray painted on the side of the school in giant letters (a ladder was definitely involved). It read, “High School is for Loosers!”

That’s not a typo. But it is more accurate than one would realize. With our situation, teaching enormous amounts of competencies, to a multitude of students, with time against us, we “loose” many through the cracks.

I shouldn’t jump to conclusions, though. I’m sure that those involved are actually bright individuals. They were probably just drunk when they did it. Greeeaat.

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