Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Take your pic.

Since the yearbook is such a massive task to pull off every year, the Junior English teachers have been recruited to assist, of course. The journalism department takes one day of our classes to take next year’s picture (the one in the cap and gown). Why not? If they can take a day from English for ID photos, school pictures, counselor assembly for selecting next year’s classes, prom fund-raiser orientation, passing out insurance forms, counselor assembly for preparing for life after high school, prom fund-raiser collection, voting for homecoming court, voting for STUCO, class ring orders, and every other function one could imagine, then what’s one more? It happens so often that all English teachers should be certified in Hosting 8-12 as well.

If it weren’t for the cap and gowns they were wearing, then I don’t know if I could have told the difference from them and my freshmen students by the way my angels were behaving. Actually, I hold the wardrobe partially responsible for they were the props in horseplay. If there wasn’t a game of mortarboard Frisbee breaking out, then kiddos were going for their black belts by breaking the caps karate style. And don’t even get me started on the kid who takes the ruler under his gown.

I don’t really come down hard on the kids on this day, though, because let’s face it; this is the closest that some of these kids are going to get to graduating, so let them enjoy it. That and I just want to see if the jack-a-ninnies’ flesh starts to burn from touching graduation paraphernalia—like a vampire who gets holy water on them—or werewolves and silver.

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