Friday, April 20, 2007

HIGH School

Today is an unofficial school holiday. It comes once a year, every year on the exact same day. Oh, we’re still in school. No teachers plan lessons around it. That’s because it is exclusively celebrated by the students. I’m talking about today’s date, April 20th, or as the student population says “4/20 Baby!”

For those who are not privy to the term of 420, it is code recognized by pot users as time to indulge in the substance. There are multiple theories as to how the term originated.

Now, I’m pretty sure that teachers didn’t need that little explanation. If you’re like me then you’ve experienced this day over and over. And by “experienced” I mean that jack-a-ninnies in every single class think they’re clever enough to give thinly veiled references as they come walking in.

“Everyone number your papers from 4-20, and then roll that paper up!”


“Does anyone have 4 fives for a—20?”

“500 minus 80, Baby!”

“Bake it at 420.”

“420, Baby!”

Okay that last one was the least cryptic, but you get the point. And let’s not forget one last tradition for this day—the decorating of the dates on their papers. I’m waiting for something new there too, but those will probably be the same again this year—the numbers are in the shape of blunts, the zeros are replaced with marijuana leaves, and the date is always ten times bigger than everything else on the paper.

But I always tell myself not to worry. It’s only one day. Soon things will get back to normal. By “normal” I mean “the penis game” and “your mom” jokes.

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