Friday, April 13, 2007

The Diary of HT

The teachers got a strange e-mail from the queen bee of volunteer moms, the volunteer mom coordinator. From time to time she will send out announcements that teachers need to be aware of--class interruptions for fund raisers , flyers being placed in our boxes, etc. Like I said, though, this one was different. This one was a thanks to all the parents who had contributed to this year's APE . Along with this thanks, she attached a list of those who had contributed.

Why would teachers give a crap about that!? My hobo teacher suspicion tells me that this was a ploy by a diabolical VM coordinator to out those who had not contributed in the guise of a thank-you to those who had. Maybe she was trying to shame them, but like I said; I don't think teachers would care. Certainly, this VM doesn't believe that I'll be her eyes and ears on those that haven't supported "the cause." Maybe worse than eyes and ears... maybe she sees us as goons who can't guarantee the safety of those who don't pay.

"Ah, I see Timmy's parents have failed to cough up some dough. Looks like someone's going to find a crib sheet crumpled at his feet during the next quiz."

If she is asking this then I choose to go the other way. I'll join the resistance, serve as a utility of the system, but rather to defend the persecuted, covertly striking in little places, which add up to a much larger cause!

Listen to me. I think my I might be getting a little bit too romantic. I'm about a sentence away from describing a scene of me hiding students in my attic while VM's conducted hallway sweeps. Most likely my defiance will go no further than deleting the e-mail and thinking nothing more of it.

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