Tuesday, April 10, 2007

O-KEY Dokey

Hammer sent out an e-mail with a list of teachers’ names and a request. The request asked us to review the list of names of those teachers who have misplaced their keys and have requested replacements.

Are you kidding? Hammer has a list of names? Paging Senator McCarthy. Paging a Senator J. McCarthy.

Now I know that campus security is important, but do you really need to post names? That’s at the expense of us overworked teachers. The only way that those people could have been more red faced is if Hammer added JPEGs of embarrassing baby pictures next to the names.

“Don’t cry, Mr. Huang. Its only potty training.”

“Mmm, is that little Mrs. Spacey eating dog food?”

“Oooh la la, check out Mr. Bauer and his short pants.”

I shouldn’t be so negative. I mean if posting names worked for the Salem witch trials, then it’s good enough for u—wait a second.

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