Thursday, March 29, 2007


No class for juniors during 6th period yesterday. Instead they were to be herded into the auditorium for STUCO officer candidates’ speeches. I would have told you about it yesterday, but I didn’t know it until 5th period. Don’t worry, Hammer apologized for the oversight, so everything’s okay. I’m no longer behind on my syllabus with 6th period, so there’s no need to finagle a way to get them caught up with the others… wait a second, her apology did change a thing.

Oh, I’m just cranky. I blame having to sit through those damn speeches.

One vowed to slam dunk the issues like when he slam dunked on his opponents on the court.

Another rhymed everything with her name. I must say that Vicki impressed me.

One cited previous experience—being nominated homecoming king. Oh well, he’s a king, selected by God; you can’t argue with that.

There was only one person, my kid, running for historian, which makes me ask, why did I have to write a freakin’ recommendation. I should get a pass, the next time I’m asked to write one—turn in a coupon or something.

All of them had something to say about changing the selection in the vending machines, even the lone historian.

Again, I think I’m just a little cranky. I shouldn’t be too critical on youth and politics. I mean I’ve had to sit through adult politicians talking about everything from aluminum tubes to not inhaling.

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