Monday, March 19, 2007

Break Lights

There was a faculty meeting this morning. What a terrible time to have one—the first day back from Spring Break. I don’t know about the other teachers, but I don’t quite have my sea legs back.

I was so sleepy because this past week I’ve been keeping late hours. Sure, I’m usually up all night during the school year, but that’s usually grading and lesson planning (broken up with some light weeping), but nonetheless…

This past week, Spring Break, I’ve found other activities to keep me up, which may not sound glamorous to non-teachers. Let’s face it, an all-night ironing of clothes isn’t exactly the Isle of Ibiza.

And my Hobo Teacher vacation didn’t stop there either:

A week’s worth of meals that don’t involve a vending machine or microwave…

Making phone calls where I didn’t have to document a thing…

Much longer moments of silence…

You’d be proud of me though. I stayed awake for the meeting. I had no choice; the science department was keeping me up with their snoring.

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