Tuesday, March 06, 2007

In The Mix

One of the teachers, who is a club sponsor, sent out a campus wide e-mail. Don’t ask me which club she sponsored. We’re busting at the seams with these things. Hello?! Do we need a Green Club and an Environmental Society?

Anyway, whatever her club was, it was having a fundraiser. The students were making Chex mix and packaging it for sale.

Why would I want a food, fondled by a bunch of kids who have hygiene at the bottom of their list of priorities?

Typical To-Do List of a Teenager:

-Copy friend’s homework during lunch
-air out shirt
-download Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
-pick teeth with school I.D.
-make Chex mix.
-eat oranges to get that stink off fingers

Yeah, I’ll pass; but I wish you luck with your—“disease mix.”

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