Thursday, March 01, 2007

Here’s flood in your eye.

Oh boy, it was pouring this morning, which can be bad for one of these fancy-shmancy “we live in a forest” type communities, where SLHS is located. There’s tons of greenbelts, grottos and Koi ponds to overflow, so you don’t want bad weather around here. Trust me; I know. It’s happened before, and it’s not fun.

The conditions this morning don’t look promising for clear signs anytime soon, though. I got soaked just going from my car to the school. It didn’t help that I was using one of those el cheapo umbrellas. You know what I’m talking about… one of those plastic tips has come off… so the fabric scrunches up… and that umbrella spoke is sticking out.

On top of that, this wasn’t your freezing kind of rain. By 6:30 this morning, things were already muggy. If you’re not familiar with muggy rain and what happens when one gets caught in it, then let me ask you a question. You know that Tupperware container you found in the trunk of you’re car with dressing and turkey leftovers from the faculty holiday party? And it’s April? You feel and smell just like that.

And, on top of that, the school’s AC creates a cool front which hits your muggy rain soaked skin warm front that results in precipitation in your pits. Needless to say, I needed a change of clothes. Unfortunately, the only thing I had was a t-shirt from a textbook vendor (Who wants a Harcourt Brace Jovanovich t-shirt?).

This wasn’t the remedy that I was looking for. It had been in its plastic bag this entire time, so without a washing it smells like the plastic bag. Now I was really feeling like that forgotten Tupperware. On the bright side, perhaps the fact that the shirt was just as stiff as Tupperware without a washing, will keep my mind off my stench.

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