Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Horsing Around

Now in the past, I’ve complained about being bothered by students who bug me to support their after-school club via their fund raisers. I now realize that I may have spoken too soon. No, HT isn’t seeing the error of his ways, boys and girls. He just saw a new flyer in the hallway.

It appears that the equestrian club is in need of money and is hosting a horse shoe tournament to do so. That’s right, the equestrian club. These are students who own horses and ride together after school. This is SLHS after all. But I guess a Baron still needs new riding crops.

Still, I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around donating to people who own their own show horses. If anyone has disposable income, then it's those people.

Actually, the hardest thing to wrap around my head is the fact that an administrator signed off on a fund raiser that has students throwing horse shoes. I'm going to make sure that I'm not around for that or they just may wrap a horse shoe around my head.

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