Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Get the Vote Out (of my classroom)!

Since time was taken out of my class to hear the STUCO speeches, then it was no surprise that the voting took place during my class too. What would be a surprise is what you hear during the process. That is, if you’re not a teacher. After all the things we see, nothing is really shocking anymore.

Student A: “Janice Billfold? Who’s that?”

Student B: “That’s that fat girl. Not her, she’s disgusting.”

Student C: “Everyone, vote-for-Shelia!”

Student D: “Matt Penny?”

Student B: “’Skinny Penny’? No way!”

Student E: “What if you don’t vote for anyone?”

Student C: “Then vote for Shelia, since it doesn’t matter to you.”

Student E: “Sure, whatever.”

Talk about your poling violations. I’m half-surprised that the Shelia supporter wasn’t shaving the boys’ beards (read as stubble) and bringing them up to me for another ballot. Of course, is that any worse than basing one’s vote on how the candidates look? For Billfold and Penny’s sake, let’s hope Shelia has a lazy eye or something.

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