Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Tell you what—no matter how many times we give these standardized tests, there are some events, which are guaranteed to occur again and again, every single time. Take for example, the everlasting pencil sharpening. The students must be bored or something because there’s no pencil that needs fifty cranks at the sharpener.





Blow on the pencil like it was a birthday candle.


Oh, it goes on and on. Sometimes they even throw in testing the tips with their fingers. I can’t blame them really. Like I said, this is the umpteenth time they’ve had to endure these tests. Then again, these are the kids who have failed this thing multiple times, so they may want stop giving the sharpener a twirl and get back to the test. Of course, I really don’t see the point in them finishing spelling out “FART” in the answer bubbles either.

Hand to God, I saw that while putting the Scantrons in order once.

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