Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ring My Bell

The past few days somebody or some bodies have been pulling the fire alarm. I assume that it was out of boredom or there was a test that needed to be avoided or merriment left over from Senior Skip Day. Whatever the reason, it has meant that each time I’ve had to stop what we were doing and collect all things that mustn’t risk perishing if there actually were a fire. Not only that, but I have to heard my students, who have gone Pavlovian from the sound of the alarm. The only time it could be worse is if it happens during my planning period. That’s the time where things are quiet, and I can drink some tea and kick my shoes off.

Another thing that happens is that I find myself with plenty of time to daydream as we march mindlessly to our fire safety positions.

The daydream de jour was what if it wasn’t a student pulling the fire alarm, but a teacher. Maybe the new English teacher couldn’t get copies of her test run off in time and just panicked. Perhaps the track coach heard that administration was looking for him to discuss some discrepancies in the receipts he’s been turning in and needed an out. Or a teacher, pick a teacher, got tired of going to lunch duty and just needed a break.

I categorize that dream as a going to the moon dream. Those are dreams that will one day become true. They’re not exactly true, but close enough. Like those Sci-Fi movies in the 50’s. Sure, were not living on the moon as they depicted, but we’ve been there. I may have not nailed down the reason that a teacher pulls the alarm, but it will happen. You’ll see.

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