Monday, April 30, 2007

It’s a Teacher Affair.

Rumors have been flying about a couple of teachers getting romantic with one another. Let me just say that I am totally against it. Totally!

It’s not really a morality thing for me, though the idea of teachers mating does have an incestuous vibe to it. Teachers having babies, cousins having babies, is there really a difference? No, it’s more of a quality of life issue for me. I see that collection box which is my paycheck, so putting two of us together doesn’t quite introduce a higher tax bracket. Now there are two of you with long nights and weekends of grading and lesson planning. Forgive me, but don’t relationships require time (quality that is) with one another? Great, the clothes which were not getting cleaned have now doubled, but most nights you’re probably still eating alone.

And for those of you saying, “What about love?” I say that’s not the end all and be all. Think of it this way, even though two heroin addicts love each other doesn’t mean they can make a relationship work, far from it. In fact, it probably is the worst thing for the two. In fact,—people would go to any length to prevent such an affair. So why isn’t anyone doing the same for teachers who get together? Why have a teacher with an overworked lifestyle partnered with someone with the same affliction?

I’ve heard that people who share traumatic events have developed romantic feelings for one another in the past, like when Christie Brinkley married that guy she was in that helicopter crash with. ‘Member? Maybe that explains teachers hooking up with one another.

I don’t know. Obviously office romances aren’t for me, but I admit that it isn’t always as bad as I have depicted it. I’ve seen teachers make it work. I’ve also seen people squirt milk out of their eye too, but I don’t suggest doing that either.

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