Thursday, May 10, 2007

All Boarded Up

So, it’s that time of year. I’m taking down my bulletin board, and it’s all a little pathetic. I mean, I don’t know what the heck to put up on a bulletin board. I’ve been teaching for awhile and I never really got the hang of this part of the job. But, they tell us at the beginning of the year to “decorate,” so I try.

Still, my bulletin board ultimately becomes a hodgepodge, assortment and mash up of junk that I add to throughout the year, just for the sake of posting. I’d like to think that it makes me look eccentric, but mostly it just makes me look scary-weird. Let’s see what’s up there this year, shall we?

Newspaper back drop—people will think that I was going for some reading motif, but in reality it’s easier than trying to tear the butcher paper off that giant spool thing in the workroom. I guess nobody noticed that it was the want ads either.

The boarders, three green and one orange—the school colors are green and gold, but I ran out.

A handful of really bad acrostic poems from September.

The mandatory map of the school showing the nearest fire exits—the Here in You Are Here was been replaced with, Gay.

Some deflated balloons—they were left behind by some student on her birthday a while back. I just stuck them on there so she would see them and take them with her. Oh well…

Homecoming schedule

A motivational poster that says, “Hug your feelings rainbow.”—I have no idea what it means, but it was in the room when I moved in, so it was free.

Now that I think about it, perhaps I shouldn’t take anything down. This stuff will be just as relevant next year as it is now. Why go through the trouble?

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