Monday, August 27, 2007

False Start

So it begins.

I’ll spare you the usual first day rigmarole. Go back and read past first day postings. It’s all the same. Gripes about announcements interrupting as you try to take roll are the same. The students are identical—apathetic. I’d just be a broken record. Besides, there’s something much more pressing to discuss.

All the reconstruction is complete! Now, I know that it doesn’t sound like I’ve got a bone to pick, but let me finish.

Millions of dollars have been invested in refurbishing this school and building new ones in the district. Included with all the upgrades was an increase in computers and libraries with furniture that looks like it should be featured on an episode of MTV Cribs. Another change, which I find relevant, is the fact that the district moved the technology staff into the classrooms to teach the computer related courses, cut the number of librarians in half so now they have to travel between schools AND removed all paraprofessionals from the library!

Why does this school feel like one of those ridiculous fake plastic TV replicas that you see in furniture stores? They’re sleek and shiny but hollow in the inside and not fooling anyone.

Tell me why we put all this money into schools to make them state of the art and then limit the artisans. Why you’re at it tell me why, if money is an issue with personnel, then why are we spending on a mural in the cafeteria depicting our mascot so it looks like it is busting through the cafeteria wall?

I’m sick and tired of being spread thin. If someone is hired to maintain the mountain slide of technology that you’ve invested in, then let him do it. Don’t have him do that AND teach as a second job! And don’t have the librarians relaying back and forth between schools, without refunding on fuel.

Show me a Fortune 500 company (because we spend like one) where the accounting department writes up legal contracts. They don’t because they are ACCOUNTING. That’s what they are hired to do!

How’s your year going so far?

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