Friday, August 31, 2007

Screening Process

I realize that it takes a little while for the first of the year kinks to get worked out, but when am I going to get my overhead back? Yes, I said, “overhead.” You teachers with digital projectors or SMARTboards can stop laughing at me now. You’d think with our renovations being complete we teachers would have gotten some more of that bond money love. You’d think wrong.

According to the tennis coach, there was a district meeting between all the tennis coaches in the conference room adjacent to my classroom during the summer, and they needed an overhead, so he just popped in and grabbed the closest one. Now he doesn’t know where that “sonovabitch” went, but he promises that he’ll keep an eye out for that “sonovabitch.”

Great, he can get two thieving hands on my overhead, but a single eye is all he can spare to find it. Ain’t that a “sonovabitch.” How about he gives me his overhead, and he can just keep mine when he finds it. Maybe that will get his second eye participating.

The kicker is that the screen in my room is down and won’t retract. Since I need my chalkboard (yes, you whiteboard owners, I said, “chalkboard”) I’ve had to loop the thing over itself to get it out of the way. I have this feeling that I’ll have trouble establish my authority until it’s fixed, especially since I’ve caught wind that the kids are referring to me as, "Professor Limp Screen."

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