Thursday, September 13, 2007

I don’t love you. You don’t love me.

“Are we ever gonna watch movies in here?”

We’re thirteen days in, and I’m already getting that question from a student. That must be some kind of a record.

Instead of calling that kid a jack-a-ninny, I decided to ignore her and daydream about edutainment videos that target teens and teach them lessons on how not to be, well, jack-a-ninny.

You know the ones I’m talking about. They’re usually for Pre-K kids. They provide lessons on, say, tying your shoes or washing your hands, and they do it set to a song and dance. I say we up the ages on those things and show them to my kids.

Maybe there could be one on how not to ogle girls, while stroking a ruler, or not to come in to the class while on a cell phone. I’d be happy if they just did one explaining that you don’t have to say everything that’s on your mind.

Wanna say something that makes you a prick?
This little lesson should do the trick

Just don’t speak
Just don’t speak…

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