Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Talk of the Town

I’ve talked about TV shows in the past here and there. Tonight is the premiere of a show called Kid Nation where a TV crew follows a bunch of kids who start a new society in a ghost town. Allow me to pass judgment over a show before it airs.

Are you kidding me?! Didn’t we establish laws generations ago that kept us from exploiting children? I guess things change when it’s brought to you by Sprint.

Who puts their kids on such a thing? I can’t help but to have those scenes from Gene Wilder’s version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where the kids are winning the golden tickets. You know, they’re rotten children and the less than stellar parents are in the background enabling them. Again, I know that I am passing judgement on something I haven't seen. It's just something I can't imagine my parents doing. Oh well, it's a great big world out there.

Oh, and I’m sure the whole thing will be predictable and upbeat like any other reality TV show. Anybody who makes a living that revolves around cramming a bunch of kids into a small space at once knows that’s not possible.

I’m going to pass on this thing, but you guys can let me know how it goes. Let me warn you, though. If there’s a fat kid with glasses, then don’t get too attached.

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