Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Most Likely To Creep You Out

We got an e-mail from Pécan informing us that there is a serial flasher in the area who has been targeting students as they walk to school. Besides being disgusted, I can’t help to think that this animal used to sit in a classroom like mine back in the day. Most likely that means I have a potential future violator on my roll. You don’t see that in teaching theory books, do you?

Chapter 4: Your Scumbag and You

The thing is, though, is that you’ll never know until it’s too late. Sure you may suspect the kid who stands too close behind the female students, while they sharpen their pencils (my fourth period), or it could be the guy who never takes his hands out of his pockets, even when at his desk (seventh period), but it’s probably the quiet kid, who maintains a low profile and stays off people’s radar (every period).

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