Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It’s never too late.

I had one of my Juniors come up to me yesterday with a question. She informed me that she was trying to graduate early, and she was needing some suggestions on how to do so besides going to summer school “because that’s a big, fat ‘No’.”

While sharing that her having early release probably wasn’t proactive, I couldn’t help but remember that this girl was a repeater. On top of that she’s 20, so graduating “early” isn’t really an option. That’s like quitting a job after getting fired. Still, I offered some ideas because to honest, I really do get jazzed when my kids take that step towards maturity. Even if that step is an awkward baby one.

If I may mangle a saying, “It’s not when you start a race that counts. It’s that you started.”

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