Friday, September 21, 2007

Study Hell

If you teach, then you’ve had this request made of you by a student:

“Can I go see my coach?”

It’s usually during a quiz, but this time we were having silent sustained reading. The Crucible is just so difficult to fit in on an already hectic grading period that I’ve got a lot of SSR going on at the first of the year.


“I need to talk to him about the game tonight.”

“When we had a test earlier this week, did you leave practice to come see me?”

After looking down at the floor and mouthing the question presented to him, he volleyed back a “No, and I’m sure I failed that test. So, see—you should send me, so we’ll win tonight.”

“Specious, but touché all the same.”

He gives another glance to the floor. This time he mouths, “touché.”

It’s pronounced, “touch down.”

He raises his arms straight over his head and repeats with enthusiasm, “Touch Down!”

Go Robber Barons!

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