Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Memories… All Alone in the Moonlight

Okay it’s Homecoming week here at SLHS and I’m not going to give you a play-by-play like I did last year, mainly because there’s not much different. One of the theme days is even the same with camouflage. How original. It reminds me how they changed the format of Wheel of Fortune because people kept picking the same letters (RSTLNE). Maybe we should do the same thing with these days? Of course, contestants now pick the same second set of letters now too.

“Okay, it’s a theme, so let’s put up Camo, Western, Crazy Hat, Pajama and Sports Days and we’ll need two more. Go ahead.”

“Hmm—let me have All Black Day. You know; where you’re symbolizing blacking out your opponent. And, um—let’s see—shoot. Let’s go with All White Day I guess.”

I tease, but they did actually try to come up with some new ones this year. And for that—I must tease again. One day will be Wall Street Week. How do you celebrate that? Serve Martinis at lunch? Staying up late and analyzing the Nikkea?

Maybe it’s not that crazy. I mean a bell does start the day. Now that I think about it; I’m sure insider trading has been going on with my tests for years.

What’s worse is Broadway Day—Wear a t-shirt from your favorite Broadway show. Talk about your STUCO being out of touch with its constituents. What kid has that?! While you’re at it, why don’t you ask the kids to wear a t-shirt with their favorite Bollywood star on it? There’s one thing I can guarantee you though. Some of my jack-a-ninnies are on-line this very moment, trying to score a Vagina Monologues t-shirt.

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