Friday, October 12, 2007

Homeless Coming

There are not many kids wearing mums this year because there is no dance this Homecoming. At first, I thought Santa got my letter, but it turns out that we’re only having the Homecoming game tonight and the dance will be in December, and I guess most of the students will be wearing them then.

Evidently I was wrong when I claimed that the construction was completed. The gym is not finished, so they can’t have the dance yet. My bad, but that thing is way over on the other side of the school. I don’t know anything about it. Now that I think about it that does explain the kids climbing the ropes in the cafeteria. I’d just thought they had taken truancy to a whole new level.

The school should have stepped up on this one, seriously. No, I’m not being sympathetic for the kids. I just don’t want them pissed because that just falls into my lap. Then again, I should get a chuckle. I mean how funny would it be to see the school football team’s nose guard flail his mum coated arm and declare that “This school is so gay!”

I can hear the tinkling bells now.

***Allow me to break that fourth wall for a moment:

Ever since this blog was deemed as a Blog of Note by Blogger last month, the response has been fantastic. I got flooded with e-mails saying some really cool stuff. Now one of you jack-a-ninnies has nominated this blog for The Blogger's Choice Awards (both in the Education and Humor categories). I'm not one to pander much, but I mentioned it to one of my friends and she got all excited, so I thought it would be neat to see how far I could take this sucker with only a week left in the voting.

Anyway, if you like this blog, then would you mind registering and voting? Simply do a search for and you will find it in the two categories. You can vote for both!

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