Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mouse Trap

Yesterday was the first day of two where I had my kids in the computer lab. The whole idea is for them to put together a presentation consisting of various media concerning Colonial American literature. Each group has been given a piece of relevant work to be the cornerstone—The Declaration of Independence, the speeches of Thomas Paine, and so on. You guys know what I’m talking about; you’ve had similar.

Anyway, it didn’t catch me off guard when a student asked me for a pair of scissors due to the nature of the assignment. Luckily, my jack-a-ninny-dar kicked in a few minutes later.

Scissors + Student = Craziness

Or better yet:

Scissors/(Student + History of using bitch in every sentence)(Two weeks without being written-up) > Shite Storm

As I approached his carrel to investigate, I discovered my little MENSAnite taking his scissors to his computer. It turns out that he desired its mouse because his brother had broken theirs during a disagreement over whose turn it was on RuneScape.

After explaining to him that it was not only immoral to steal the school’s mouse to use on his own computer, but cutting the mouse off instead of the zip tie that bound all the wires and then unhooking it, would leave him with a useless mouse.

That’s when he corrected me and revealed his plan was not to replace his mouse, but to use it in retaliation by whipping his brother with it as he did him.

Well, isn’t my face red.

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